Curvyman™ Cord Supervisor™

Curvyman™ Cord Supervisor™

30,00 DKK

Vejl. udsalgspris 30,00 DKK

Curvyman™ Cord Surpervisor™ - Tangle free cord organizer for headsets.

Curvyman™ Shortens - Adjust the length of your headset cord by wrapping or unwrapping around his mid-section and locking into position.

Curvyman™ Clips - Includes a S-Biner® to clip to keys, backpacks, purses, zipper pulls or anywhere you want to use or store your headset.

Curvyman™ Stores - Store your headset. Supervise your cord and keep it tangle-free while working, running, biking, or hiking.

Clip Curvyman™ to your shirt to take weight off your ear buds while in use.