Phone Case For Samsung 5

Phone Case For Samsung 5

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The SureFire Phone Case isn’t just a high-quality protective case for your iPhone 6/6S or Samsung Galaxy S5—it also serves as a secure mount for a SureFire FirePak™ illuminator/phone charger (sold separately). Featuring a high-density polycarbonate frame and fully integrated rails, the SureFire Phone Case easily accommodates a FirePak. Simply slide the FirePak onto the case, and it locks in place for 1,500 lumens of broad, useful light suitable for shooting video or photos in the dark, or as an emergency or personal-defense handheld light. This versatile case features a shock-absorbing, co-molded design that effectively protects your smartphone, and it wraps around the phone for easy installation and a snug fit. Keep your smartphone protected—and ready for photography or video action in even the darkest spaces—with a double-duty SureFire Phone Case!