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EOTech G23.FTS (Gen2)

EOTech G23.FTS (Gen2)

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EOTech Gen II 3X magnifier with Flip-To-Side Mount G23 FTS is changing the battlefield! The need to transition quickly between close quarters combat (CQB) and medium range target engagement is vital. Maintaining a precise shot at both distances is a must. This ability to transition between the two distances almost instantly and still maintain weapon accuracy is now achieved with the Generation 2 3X magnifier from L3 EOTech.

The EOTech G23 is the ultimate magnifier to maximize your holosight's performance! The EOTech G 23.FTS magnifier is an affordable magnified solution allows you to use your HWS as a medium range optic when the G23 is in place. Superior light transmission and a large field of view helps the magnifier put the competition to shame. This rugged, streamlined optic offers split-second transitioning from CQB to medium range targeting.
Model/Varenr.: EOTG23FTS-BLK
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Product details:
Eye Relief: 1.97 in. (50mm)
Length: 4.4 in. (113mm)
Temperature: -40F-160F
Color/Finish: Black
Sealing: Fog-proof internal optics
Magnification Fixed: 3.25X
Field of View: 6 degrees
Weight: 11.9oz (372g)
Waterproof: 33ft

Features of EOTech Gen II 3X magnifier w/ Mount G23-FTS:
Compatible with all EOTech Red Dot Sights
Quick detach Flip-to-side mount
3x magnification extends range
2nd generation of L3 EOTech magnifiers have 1/2 inch more eye relief, windage and elevation adjustments inside optic, less moving parts for stability
Split-second transition for close quarters combat to medium range targeting